Warriors in Hope

Disrupt Trauma for Good®

Find Your Path to Courage, Hope, & Unbreakable Strength

Discover Your Inner Warrior

Tap into your inner strength and unleash the power to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Be a Leader

By being a role model, you can help your loved ones find their own path to healing and hope.

Live With Unbreakable Hope

Your heart has been in training your whole life to handle anything that comes your way.

Stand With Other Warriors

Everything is better when we stand together through our battles, hardships, and victories.

Begin Your Journey to Emotional Freedom

What’s included complimentary:

  • Warrior Mindset Program & Book
  • Manage Special Occasion Stress & Journal
  • 21-Day Courage (& Confidence) Challenge
  • Private Warriors in Hope Community
  • Early Release Warriors in Hope Podcast

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Your Story Matters…Live It Courageously!

After a few decades on this planet, we have all been blindsided by something. Fear has come calling.

Whether it’s the pain of a loved one’s addiction, a gaping hole in your heart, or baggage you have been carrying around for decades, it’s time for your emotional freedom!

As Warriors in Hope®, we embrace courage as our north star.

It’s your time to conquer what you fear most to build a new life where adversity no longer writes the rules. Live with more courage and hope than you ever thought possible.

For the Full Warrior Experience

Join at the Empowered Level

Warrior Training

Through live video coaching sessions, Valerie will guide and empower you to break free from destructive patterns and embrace a life of empowerment, self-acceptance, and mental well-being.

Warrior Circle

Access past LIVE Coaching Sessions and Warrior Circle Sessions to repeat the lesson or reinforce what you learned later.

9 Weapons of Hope®

It is crucial to have a toolbox for empowerment. The arsenal consists of essential tools that help us navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

Warrior Library

Access past LIVE Coaching Sessions and Warrior Circle Sessions to repeat the lesson or reinforce what you learned later.

Daily Mindset

Daily tracking to stay accountable and bring a sense of fun to your personal growth journey. Join other like-minded Warriors to support, encourage, and positively motivate each other.

Are you feeling stuck?

I hear you, I see you, and I’ve been there.

Having lost my daughter to a fifteen-year addiction and ultimately to a senseless murder, I know the pain of trauma. During my journey, I picked up the pieces of my shattered heart and created a life of joy, happiness, peace, and purpose. Whether you get the knock on the door with the worst news ever or are dealing with everyday challenges, you can, too.

“Such life-giving advice and support to parents having children in addiction. You are saving lives Valerie. I thank you and honour you deeply for the most courageous journey you have chosen in life. God certainly knew who to pick.”

~ Roslyn

“She speaks the truth. I found Valerie at the right time and credit her with helping me find the courage to reclaim my life. I also believe strongly that my doing so saved my son’s life.  Call it Providence, fate, Kismet..but it’s real!”

~ Diane

“Valerie’s message and mentorship changed my life. Literally changed the trajectory of my mind and my daily survival. And I gained forever friends/sisters… all of which is the foundation of where I am today. Choose to be a Warrior in Hope!”

~ Sarah

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