9 Weapons of Hope®

a Warriors in Hope Program
The Arsenal of Tools for Emotional & Mental Freedom

Not Sure What to Do?

The 9 Weapons of Hope are practical tools with spiritual principles to create courage and confidence.  They guide you to unlock your Inner Warrior and create a life free from shame, guilt, lack of worth, worry, and more. They are the resource you can use to take down a Beast you are wrestling with or for the challenges of everyday life.

What Are the 9 Weapons?

Decide to Stand Up & Fight

Do you ever feel stuck? Unsure what to do next. Or are you scared to make the wrong decisions? The fact is everything starts with a decision. Without a commitment, nothing is going to change. This Weapon guides you in making a pivotal decision that can propel your life in a new direction. And a new perspective on your unlimited suplly.

Engage Your Spiritural Armor

When life is tough, we often store away our spiritual armor. Or ignore the power that comes with it. This Weapon is for increasing your awareness of God and improving your spiritual life. Whatever battles we face, they are bigger than you or me. Call in the power of your spiritual armor, whatever it looks like for you.

Improve Your Attitude

Does it ever feel as if someone else controls your thoughts? The battle is for your mind. Once you own your mindset, it will feel as if everything is different, even if nothing around you has changed.

Manage Your Control

No matter your personality, we all want to feel in control. The problem is there are very few things (4, to be exact) we can completely control. This Weapon empowers you with practical tools to realize what you can control and let go of what you cannot.

Own Your Story

We quickly see the value of other people’s stories but downplay our importance. This Weapon empowers you with practical tools to know the value of your experiences, including your adversity, so that you can use your story’s power.

Adjust Your Focus

You know how difficult it is to focus on anything but your problems. Or to resist comparing your life to others. This Weapon provides perspectives and practical tools to adjust your focus from the uncontrollable to what can propel your life forward.

Secure Your Oxygen Mask

Are you running around taking care of others at the expense of your well-being? In this Weapon, you will put yourself at the top of the priority list. You will learn why self-care is not selfish but necessary to be there for others.

Design Your Circle of Stength

Relationships are some of the most rewarding and frustrating things in our lives. This Weapon guides you in examining the status and expectations of your relationships. Learn techniques to place people where they belong as you build healthier relationships and let go of unhealthy ones.

Create Your Legacy

Your Legacy doesn’t happen after people look back on your life. It is happening now. This Weapon guides you to prioritize your Legacy as you work through fun and enlightening exercises to discover your value,

These are the Weapons that saved my life. They can improve yours, too!

At my lowest point, the actions in these Weapons are what got me up off the mat. They are what allowed me to change my life. They keep me going as I face one of the most challenging situations imaginable (a pending murder trial for the death of my daughter). They help many people deal with a variety of situations.

The 9 Weapons of Hope aren’t just for women who are moms of an addict. Everyone can utilize the weapons to reclaim their lives from whatever is holding them back.  have learned that I can live with joy and peace, and that I have a purpose. I am thankful for Valerie’s heart for all of us.

~ Annelle

“Finding Valerie has been one of my biggest blessings in life!! Some days are harder than others but with Valerie’s resources, I have been given me my life back!! The 9 Weapons of Hope are a game changer! I will keep doing them until the day I die! I never want to stop learning and growing!”

~ Donna

“Having someone like you who’s been where we are, and then having someone who can show us the way with tangible tools and constant support in a format that’s convenient and easy to access is crucial. I encourage anyone to work with Valerie & use the 9 Weapons of Hope.”

~ Sarah


Warrior Training

Through live video coaching sessions, Valerie will guide and empower you to break free from destructive patterns and embrace a life of empowerment, self-acceptance, and mental well-being.

Warrior Circle

Access past LIVE Coaching Sessions and Warrior Circle Sessions to repeat the lesson or reinforce what you learned later.

9 Weapons of Hope®

It is crucial to have a toolbox for empowerment. The arsenal consists of essential tools that help us navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

Warrior Library

Access past LIVE Coaching Sessions and Warrior Circle Sessions to repeat the lesson or reinforce what you learned later.

Daily Mindset

Daily tracking to stay accountable and bring a sense of fun to your personal growth journey. Join other like-minded Warriors to support, encourage, and positively motivate each other.

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